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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  August 13, 2014 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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started by bono, i go to be the curator this month talking about women and girls. there's a lot to be concerned about in africa but there's a lot of hope and promise too and you can read about it at bret baier is next. don't miss "the five" tomorrow, we'll be back. this is a fox news alert, i'm shannon bream in for bret baier in washington. the truce between israel and hamas has been broken. israel's military said hamas jumped the gun by firing rockets two hours before the formal end of the cease-fire. hamas meanwhile denies blame and agrees to another truce as israel has just now returned fire. more on that in just a moment. but first new u.s. air strikes and military moves in iraq. news breaking now that american special operations unit just returning from scouting mount sinjar where thousands of people are trapped. the u.s. are facing increasingly difficult problems, military,
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humanitarian and political. we have fox team coverage. greg from iraq. wendell goler on martha's vineyard. but we begin with national security correspondent jennifer griffin at the pentecost with breaking details about american boots on the ground in iraq. good evening, jennifer. >> reporter: good evening, shannon. u.s. defense officials tell us just under 20 u.s. special operators spent the past 24 hours on mount sinjar to assess the situation of the yazidis refugees waiting to be rescued. we're told they have been airlifted off the mountain. >> i believe this is not a combat boots on the ground operation. we're not going to have that kind of operation. >> reporter: a pronouncement that came as 129 armed marines and u.s. special operations troops arrived in erbil assessing if its possible to
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airlift the thousands of yazidis trapped by isis on mount sinjar. they flew in b 22 ospreys which will remain there and could be used to airlift the yazidis. in recent days u.s. fighter jets bombed 17 targets to protect erbil from isis. >> these 130 personnel are not going to be in a combat role in iraq. they are there on a temporary basis to make assessments about how to get the population off that mountain. >> the president has been very clear we'll not be sending troops back into combat roles. they are assessing. >> reporter: operating at times in areas controlled by isis fighters there are 864 u.s. military personnel now on the ground in iraq. british planes are dropping aid to the yazidis and in surprise statement after visiting baghdad, french foreign minister had a message to european and other world lead towers wake up
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to the isis threat. quote, i know it is the holiday period in our western countries, but when people are dying you must come back from vacation. >> the world is exploding all over. >> reporter: that stark assessment from secretary of defense chuck hagel who was taking questions from marines at camp pendleton yesterday. he expressed confidence, however, that the u.s. could address all the problems it is facing. french officials announced today they will send arms to the kurdish fighters and australia's prime minister said he would consider senning combat troops for a possible rescue mission. privately pentagon planners say they do not know how the u.s. can do what it needs to do to stop isis without putting boots on the ground. the president returns to washington on sunday for a few days. shannon. >> jennifer, thank you so much. now the precarious political and religious atmosphere in iraq. greg palcot is live in erbil. hello, greg. >> reporter: some 30 miles from
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where we are right now in erbil is the front line between kurdish fighter and the militants of isis and all the horror they bring. it's a battle line that could be shifting in the coming days and weeks. the humanitarian crisis froze in iraq, thousands of ethnic yazidis remain stranded on mount sinjar. >> they are terrorists. they are criminals. they are devils. and i hope that god vanish them. finish them at one moment. >> reporter: in baghdad, prime minister nouri maliki sent on state tv said he would not step down until the top court rules. but the top idol backed the moderate choice for the new prime minister. a new inclusive government could get international help. you're looking at the human cost of isis savagery. christians fleeing their homes.
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told to convert to islam or die. they came to this courtyard trying to survive. these refewes have it better than many but still struggling to find enough to eat, to heal their wounds, and many have tales to tell. >> he said, me and brother go -- >> militants said go or they would kill you. >> kill you. >> or kill you. >> yes. >> reporter: whole families were forced to flee often with little but what clothes on their back. this cross i am wearing it will be gone too this woman says. i will have to sell it. these christians were forced from towns where their families and religion co-existed with others for centuries. singled out because they were christians. >> we can't live with them. ever. >> reporter: this woman says how can we accept it? what religion does this? all are calling out for the world to help to give them hope.
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i'm a student this young girl says. what kind of a future am i going to have? that's a question on a lot of people's minds. there was, in fact, a pessimism among many of the people we talked to there. a feeling they would never go home again, a feeling that perhaps the u.s. and international community could change. shannon. >> thank you. the american public is not happy with the way president obama is conducting foreign policy. the latest fox news polls are very clear on that. what is less clear is how hillary clinton will make up with the president after essentially saying the same thing. senior white house foreign affairs correspondent wendell goler is with the president on martha's vineyard tonight. >> reporter: former secretary of state clinton showed up on martha's vineyard for a book signing and also a party that president obama will attend. their first meeting since mrs. clinton said she wanted more support for syrian rebels and criticized mr. obama telling the atlantic quote great nations
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need organizing principles and don't do stupid stuff is not an organizing principle. obama aides are predicting they will hug it out. >> absolutely. yeah. we're looking forward to it. going to be there tonight. >> reporter: a spokesman traveling with the president down played the slight. >> i'm not sure anyone in the room contest doing stupid stuff is a good idea but i also don't think anyone at the white house would assert that's the, how we would describe our approach to foreign policy. >> reporter: he pointed to mr. obama's speech at west point where he said just because we have the best hammer doesn't mean every problem is a nail. david axelrod tweeted just to clarify don't do stupid stuff means stuff like occupying iraq in the first place which was a tragically bad decision. mrs. clinton may have been looking at polls as she considers a 2016 presidential bid. a new fox poll suggests most americans disapprove of mr. obama's handling of foreign policy. about the same number disapprove
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of how he's dealing specifically with iraq. and if you look at the crisis between ukraine and russia the disapproval is even strong ear full 74% saying he's not tough enough on moscow. a huge majority thinks vladimir putin doesn't take mr. obama seriously and that a new cold war is likely. brookings institution says ironically americans are getting the foreign policy most asked for. >> the american public when it gets the foreign policy it's asking for it doesn't like it much. it recognizes after that policy sim pleamented it's not adequate to what a superpower's role has to be in this world. >> reporter: as for the cold war prediction, americans are right to believe relations are going to be cooler but probably not what we had to deal with when the vote union existed. shannon? >> wendell goler, thank you. now back to the israel-hamas conflict. just hours ahead of the end of a temporary truce fighting resumed. but another cease-fire may be on the way.
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senior correspondent rick leventhal is live once again from gaza city. hello, rick. >> reporter: shannon, sirens sounded multiple times in southern israel tonight just before 10:00 and then again before midnight with multiple incoming rockets from gaza into israel. at least five rockets, according to israeli defense force one of them shot out of sky. no injuries or damage reported and hamas is denying responsibility for those attacks but, of course, israel said it two retaliate. but despite this, there is now a new deal in place between the israelis and palestinians for an extension of the cease-fire a five day cease-fire. and that should give the palestinians something to celebrate. a palestinian couple went ahead with their wedding today with hundreds of guests desperate for a chance to celebrate.
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earlier day more carnage in northern gaza, unexploded missile he did to natd as police engineers tried to disarm it. an italian photographer with the associated press was killed in the blast. the first foreign journalist to die in the current conflict. a palestinian translator was also killed along with four bomb tech's. in cairo the palestinian delegation pushed for easing the blockade of gaza relaxing border restrictions and building air and seaports opinion israel was focused on security concerns. saying ease judging of the blockade not be used to allow hamas rearm. the chief negotiator said a lot of progress has been made in those talks. the two sides parentapparently five more days of this peace to negotiate a deal. up next the tough choice businesses are being forced to make because of obamacare. first, here's what some of our fox affiliates around the country are covering tonight.
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wrlh in richmond as a federal appeals court refuses to delay its ruling striking down virginia's gay marriage ban. that means same sex couples could begin marrying in the state as early as next week. fox 11 in los angeles says fans mourn the loss of another hollywood legend, lauren bacall died tuesday in new york. she standard with husband humphrey bogart in classics like "the big sleep" and key largo. she's remembered as one of the great stars of hollywood's golden age. lauren bacall was 89. this is a live look at dallas. the discovery of a teenage boy living in a suburban walmart. reportedly got by on stolen food and changed clothes often to avoid detection. a trail of trash led to his discovery after two and a half days. that's tonight's look outside of the beltway from "special report." we'll be right back. feel that in your muscles? yeah... i do... try a new way to bank, where no branches equals great rates.
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president obama's health care law is forcing more businesses to come up with new ways to handle employee health care. and much of it will end up costing workers more. chief national correspondent jim end gel looks at some of the options tonight. >> reporter: the national business group on health representing the nation's largest employers reported today that businesses are finding ways to change plans and shift costs to workers. they are hoping to avoid the 40% obamacare cadillac tax on headlights plans costs more than $10,000 per worker. >> because the excise tax when it hits in 2018 will affect both employers and employees. >> reporter: employees will have incentives to reduce costs through things such as wellness including losing weight or stopping smoking. employers are shifting workers into plans with higher deductibles just as obama does in exchanges with health savings account s to defray the cost.
3:16 pm
another one to increase premiums to spouses. >> if a spouse has coverage through their own employer employers are beginning to charge more if they elect to stay on their employee's plan rather than go with the spouse's plan. >> employees are going to be paying more and more of their income for health care. and the same with people even on these exchanges if they don't get subsidies. >> reporter: the cadillac tax was intended to take effect sooner but unions and other groups convinced officials to delay until 2018 reducing the anticipated income from $137 billion to $80 billion often years but many analysts predict far less than that. >> before then, it's expected that most of the businesses that offer that form of insurance will back off and make the insurance less generous so the tax won't bite. >> what we're finding is almost no employers are going to be hit
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by this cadillac tax. you would be stupid to get hit by this cadillac tax. they are cutting their benefits right now. >> reporter: if less taxes than expected are collected obamacare could fall short of paying itself. administration sent letters to 310,000 people signed up for the exchanges threatening to cut off their insurance if they don't submit missing verification of their citizenship by september 5th. but republican congresswoman noting its own inspector general found 1.2 million applicants have one resolved inconsistencies related to income verification. she asked if there's an action plan or a deadline to deal with that problem as well. shannon? >> we know you'll stay on it, jim. thanks. tonight we continue our week long look at the effects of obamacare as illustrated by the struggles of americans in new
3:18 pm
hampshire. this evening my colleague bret baier on how the law is cutting access to local hospitals. >> the fairness of this thing is awful. it's stupid. >> reporter: the ceo of the frisbee hospital system in rochester, new hampshire is unhappy with effects of the affordable care act. the new requirements have left one insurance provider, anthem as the sole insurer in the state's exchange. so the competition isn't there? >> there is no competition. >> reporter: frisbee hospital has been left out of the obamacare insurance exchange network. it's one of ten hospitals in the state that didn't make the cut. somebody in obamacare who lives right down the block can come to you. >> that's correct. >> got to go 20, 30 minutes away. >> at least. you in some cases 40 minutes away. >> reporter: he petitioned the insurance state commission to hold a hearing on the matter. >> thank you for coming to the new hampshire insurance
3:19 pm
department's public informational hearing on network adequacy. many of you are here on behalf of frisbee memorial hospital. >> reporter: patients and doctors traveled to the state capital of concord hoping to keep their hospital. >> if he had to travel any longer distance he would have died on the ambulance. >> it doesn't make sense to me that i should have to drive past my local hospital and doctors to seek health care in another community. [ applause ] >> 25 people got up, unrehearsed and poured their hearts out for our doctors and hospital. begging him to give us a chance to get in this network. >> insurance companies are coming in. that's going to create the competition that's going to improve this. >> reporter: the executive director of the liberal health care advocacy group families usa says things will work out. and soon. so your message for the people in new hampshire is hold on. just wait.
3:20 pm
it's going to get better. >> there are a lot of insurers that didn't want to jump into these marketplaces right away. they wanted to see whether the affordable care act, how it was going to function, how many people would sign up. but because of the success of the large number of people who got enrolled now we're seeing more and more insurance companies jump in and say we're going to offer our company's plans in the marketplace. >> reporter: meanwhile al is hopeful some solution can be negotiated. but don't get him started on the affordable care act. >> there's going competition in the marketplace so that's number one. number two, the president said people could keep their insurance plan. but they were cancelled. and number three they couldn't keep their doctor or their hospital. he said they could. so i think that's three strikes and you're out as far as i'm concern. >> tomorrow the agonizing choices small business owners are facing because of obamacare.
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the chief of police in the st. louis suburb where an officer killed an unarmed african-american teenager sunday is still refusing to release the officer's name. there's no immediate end in sight to public protest both peaceful and violent. the death of 18-year-old michael brown has sparked three nights of confrontations with police. the young man's father has asked for calm. >> i need all of us to come together and do this right, the right way. the right way so we can get
3:25 pm
something done about this. no violence. >> missouri's governor has also appealed for an to end the violence. in america's election headquarters tonight republicans are optimistic about their chances to take control of the senate after the mid-terms. but as our political correspondent carl cameron reports there's growing concern about possible third-party spoilers. >> reporter: in just about every hot u.s. senate race with the potential to determine majority control next year libertarian candidates are on the ballot and threatening to skim votes from the gop. >> if republicans fail to take the senate one hidden reason is prevalence of libertarian and third-party candidates on the ballot. >> reporter: in arkansas pryor hopes lafrance undercuts republican congressman tom cotton or pryor may be toast.
3:26 pm
libertarians have a competitive primary of their own. fish worked for sarah palin. kohlhaas ran about a dozen years ago. in louisiana, mary landrieu is fighting for her political life against bill cassidy. but libertarian brennan mcmorris could come ply indicate a close race. north carolina's incumbents demonstrate kay hagan faces pete tillis. >> it seems to be working for us because libertarian ideas are becoming more and more popular and as we try to impleamen them they are more and more successful. >> in west virginia, john buckley is a libertarian who worked for the cato institute. shelly capito is favored to win this seat against natalie
3:27 pm
tennant. it's not a problem for the gop but it is growing. >> it's a challenge. but it's something that we factor in. it's incumbent upon us to model our research in polling accurately. >> reporter: historically the vast majority of libertarian and other third-party candidates don't make much difference in u.s. elections. but in close contests they can. and polls right now show most of the key races are statistically tied or very close. >> thanks carl. the soon to be new mayor of one minnesota town is a real dog. that's next on the grapevine. plus sequester budget cuts put the wrong people back out on the streets. yes you do. but it's good for you, too. [announcer] healthful. flavorful. beneful. from purina.
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now some fresh pickings from the political grapevine. the doom and gloom about the sequester cuts was mostly talk. the government's accountable office reported one lay off. but the cuts did put some people back on the streets. the homeland security department's inspector general says more than 2,000 illegal immigrants held by immigration and customs enforcement were released in the weeks before sequester hit.
3:32 pm
there were 34 so-called level one offenders, serious drug crimes, rape and murder. many of the level one detainees were returned to custody. the i.g. found communication was so ineffective no one informed dhs or the white house of the budget short fall or plans to release detainees. oklahoma senator calls the releases baffling quote, i.c.e. underminded its own credibility, rule of law and safety of americans. a california medical marijuana group is suing the city of san diego because of too much smoke. the lawsuit claims the city and the state's coastal commission did not examine the environmental impact of having too few pot disspepensardispens. patients would have to drive too far. more joint and locations for getting them are needed. the next hearing is scheduled for february. finally the new mayor-elect of cormorant, minnesota is 7
3:33 pm
years old. meet duke he won the local election will be sworn in on sunday. duke is a dog of the people, often visiting the pub hoping for burgers and fries. russian president vladimir putin is getting a firsthand look at the efforts to re-integrate crimea back into the political fold. things are not nearly going as well and another soviet former territory ukraine. amy kellogg reports tonight from london. >> reporter: the 280 trucks appear to be at a standstill but the standoff continues. trucks have the blessing of a russian orthodox priest but not of the leaders of the country where they are heading to help. the convoy russia says carrying desperately need supplies is on its way to ukraine. >> translator: there's no limit to russian cynicism.
3:34 pm
first they are delivering tanks, multiple rocket launching systems, terrorists, criminals who shot ukrainians and after that they bring water and salt. >> reporter: the neutral international committee of the red cross are willing to distribute aid but need russia and ukraine to come to an agreement first. the red cross has not been able to verify what's in the trucks, another big concern is that if the trucks cross into ukraine forcibly it will be a provocation. the death toll in ukraine has double in the last two weeks with the worst fighting in the east taking place last night. >> translator: well can you see what is there? you can see that there? this is just horrible. no such thing even during the war. and i survived the war. >> reporter: meanwhile russia president, vladimir putin is in crimea where he and a large russian government delegation are meeting local lawmakers. president putin is in position
3:35 pm
to extract propaganda value from this exercise either way. either he gets provision to ukraines in desperate need of food, water and medical supplies or he can say that kiev blocked his emergency gifts. shannon. >> thank you, amy. two more doctors treating ebola patients have died in sierra leone. officials considered giving the experimental zmapp drug to the chief physician treating the disease but decided against it. here in the u.s. two aide workers receiving the drug are being treated in atlanta. today the husband of one of them sounded optedistic. >> each time i talk to her, i get a sense her voice is clearer and brighter, so i'm imagining that she's getting stronger and she tells me that she is feeling better and getting stronger. still very weak. it's moving in the right direction let's say that. >> ebola has killed more than 1,000 people and sickened 2,000 in the current west africa outbreak. hillary clinton and president
3:36 pm
obama plan to hug it out tonight on martha's vineyard. we'll talk about that with the panel when we come back. and startup ny companies will be investing hundreds of millions of dollars in jobs and infrastructure. thanks to startup ny, businesses can operate tax free for 10 years. no property tax. no business tax. and no sales tax. which means more growth for your business, and more jobs. it's not just business as usual. see how new york can help your business grow, at
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i disagree with those who say this show is what a hawk hillary clinton is, what a pod rate. i think that is essentially misreading her real philosophy but i think she is reading the polls and say i've got to have distance between myself and obama and it's because he's incompetent and i'm not. >> are you going to be with the president. >> yes looking forward. we have disagreements as any partners and friends might very well have. but i'm proud that i served with him and for him and i'm looking forward to seeing him tonight. >> some public criticism maybe a private make up. let's talk about it with our panel. steve hayes. welcome back. ron fournier.
3:40 pm
and charles krauthammer. all right. gentlemen, a lot to consider here because there is a question for hillary clinton, steve, about how this looks. they say they will hug it out. we won't see any pictures. so does it took, though, opportunistic if she's too critical of the president at this point. does she risk that? >> it looks opportunistic. she's in a can win position. it looks opportunistic. because what we've heard from her and her spokesmen and representatives is absurd. she gives her real views on syria, on a number of issues and she's critical of president obama, more critical than she's been in the past. then you have her spokesman come out and try to clean thunder and patch it up, and, you know, where hillary clinton said, you know, basically don't do stupid stuff is not an organizing principle, her spokesman said that wasn't in reference to
3:41 pm
president obama. well of course it was a reference to president obama. those are his words. who else would it be a reference to. this kind of dispute, the kind of positioning that we're watching here, the video you just played of hillary clinton pretending they are best buddies this is why people hate washington. it's totally phoney all the way around and it's what we can expect for the next two years. >> and if you think she's turned more hawkish, she sees the polls and wants to be that he's incompetent and she's competent. a brand new poll out tonight a light hearted one about your summer vacation. would you rather spend your summer vacation with hillary and bill, michele and barack or neither. is she reading these polls. maybe not this one. >> she is. i agree with steve. you know if you can't be honest about your honest differences
3:42 pm
what will you be honest about. you're exactly right. her position is what she said to my colleague jeff goldman at the atlantic. it was a smart well informed consistent criticism of the president. might even be right. her problem is as you say she backed off of that. and my problem is yesterday i wrote a column saying she's being smart, she's being authentic and unless i'm being naive she's being authentic here and she's being honest. it wasn't three or four hours she put out a statement, i had to do a correction in my column saying i was naif sheve. she's phoney, she's playing politics. the smart thing to do is be consistent what she did the first time out. most americans actually aren't as hawkish as she is. most of the base, the democratic base is certainly to the left. so she's not only doing bad
3:43 pm
politics now but looking inauthentic doing it. >> a couple of other polls here just out tonight as well about confidence in president obama's ability to make the right decisions for the u.s., 52% say they are confident in his ability, 47% say not confident. then we get to his job performance, president obama's job performance 42% approve, 49% disapprove. now, charles he and the white house have to think about his legacy. hillary clinton is thinking about being president. >> that's why we're getting the hug in tonight. let me just say the country is already in the grips of an epidemic of hugging. and such a public and open display of hugging and i think can only make things worse. so i would deplore on those grounds alone. >> make things worse? >> there's much, too much of it going around. >> you heard it hear. >> no hugging at this table.
3:44 pm
>> save the grinch. as you guys were saying, this is such a blatant display of clinton inauthenticity. it's breathtaking. she did say something she believes and then retracted it. with these people meaning the clintons do you ever know they are saying anything sincere. remember the last time she ran, she decided as she told bob gates, the former secretary of defense, openly, that she opposed the surge in iraq, the one that was successful for political reasons which shocked gates to hear because she was up against obama the anti-war senator in the iowa primary. so she moved left the last time around and now because she's not going to face a serious challenge on her left, she is now maneuvering to the center for her current run and expressing more hawkish opinions than the obama administration. so you never actually have any idea of what is the core belief.
3:45 pm
i think if she finally ended up saying that you thought it was inauthentic and withdraws it with a hug within a day she's in trouble. >> her problem has never been her policies. her problem in 2008 wasn't that she was too right or too left people didn't believe she believed in anything. her inauthenticity, she ran right into it yesterday. >> they gave a heads up to the white house this interview is coming out reportedly and after it came out she called the president yesterday. steve, she seems like a very intelligent woman. she's not new to politics. at what point did she decide what she said was something she wish she hadn't. >> i don't think she's good at politics. she's an overrated public official. people are saying she's unpolished.
3:46 pm
she hasn't been working her political muscles. that's nonsense. i don't think she was that good in 2008. i don't think she's that good right now. the problem she faces is the dynamic that's unlikely to change any time soon. her challenge is she needs to create distance from the president and his foreign policy because it's a disaster and because it's unpopular, he's getting low marks as we showed on the screen. but she played a huge role in forming that. she was his top foreign policy person for the years. and the democratic base still believes in what president obama is doing. that's where she's going to need to win if she's going to win the democratic nomination if she runs. she will need that support so she can't go off on president obama for those reasons. >> let's talk a little bit about president obama. why is the president of the united states so thin skinned who can't let his former secretary of state saying we
3:47 pm
should have armed the syrian rebels. she said i don't know how it would turn out but let's try it. he set the attack dogs on her. >> legacy. >> let the policy rule your legacy. your legacy shouldn't be you're beating up -- >> he can't afford that. this is all happening with putin on the march. isis on the march. kurds and others perishing on mountain top and he's concerned about a line from hillary, the former secretary of state. so thin skin he has to respond. you would hope he responds to some of the crisis. >> thank you panel. up next russia, ukraine and a surprising statement from our
3:48 pm
test test. test test.
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we reject the russians using the humanitarian situation in ukraine as a pretext for essentially a de facto invasion. if there is going to be humanitarian assistance, and there does need to be some in eastern ukraine, it should be done, number one with the invitation and support of the ukrainian government. it's their territory, after all. and number two, the participation of international aid organizations like the red cross. >> the world is exploding all over. >> and that last quick sound piety there is from defense secretary hagel speaking to the marines out at camp pendleton. he was taking pictures there and going on to say he thinks the u.s. is equipped to handle. this clearly ukraine one of the areas of concern right now. we're back with our panel. we have this convoy of trucks moving from russia to ryu rainy. they say it's about aid. we know putin is in crimea hoping to reintegrate there, charles. what do you make of this? do you think hagel very real possibility that russia is about to invade ukraine. >> it's very dangerous
3:52 pm
because, after all, the reason there is a crisis is because putin started encouraged, fueled the civil war. the part that makes it dangerous is his side is losing of the separatist have lost. it's unreported because there has been other stuff going on as hagel says the world is going to pieces. what's unreported is that the rebels have lost three quarters of their tear to. they are now in two places in donesk surrounded. this is to relieve the siege. and the ukrainian, of course, don't want to see that happen, they want to see a surrender. the russians want to save them. the question is, will they stop the russian trucks who knows what's inside the trucks. it's a lot of them. 2600 tractor trailers. that's not, you know, a minor relief operation. are they willing to allow the russians in or not? if they stop them at the border, will russia force its way in?
3:53 pm
so we are really at a precipice here. i think probably would not. if he wants to invade, this is his opening. we are clearly occupied in many spots. a couple of other polls this just came out tonight, president obama on russia. these are the results there. 74% in this most recent polling out tonight saying not tough enough with respect to russia. 6% say too tough. and 10% say about right tron seems like those polls don't think we are are getting the job done. >> interesting dichotomy. most americans want the president to be noninterventionist. that's why they elected him. they didn't elect him to be weak. that's what they see happening as s. a president being pushed around all over the globe and showing up in the polls. is he not leading strongly and the public is punishing him for it. >> and as a follow-up to that. we have another poll asking do you think putin takes obama seriously? 16 percent said yes, he does. 77 percent said no, he doesn't.
3:54 pm
steve? >> well, who are the 16% there and who are the 6% who think that president obama has been too tough on vladimir putin? i mean, did they interview rand paul and ron paul and their families? i mean, i can't imagine who thinks that they are too tough. maybe hillary's staff quietly. i think charles laid out the situation quite right. i guess i'm a little more concerned that putin may not be risk averse. we haven't seen much risk aversion from vladimir putin. i think he clearly has designs on ryu rainy. he is willing to do whatever he needs to do to take it or to take more of it. and my bigger concern, longer term is whether he turns to places like lath i can't and lithuania and stone i can't. >> i wouldn't be surprised in a couple months we are talking about him having a trip to kiev. >> seems like he is he is taking a bit of a victory lap there essentially. >> he is remember, if your proxies are losing in east ukraine and you invade, you have got to run the place.
3:55 pm
that's different from if his guys were winning. that's why i think calculus is different. obama doesn't figure at all calculus and no effect on what putin is doing because he doesn't have anything to ophelia fear. but he does have something to fear from a patriot acted struggle with ukraine. that's why i think he might not do. this the odds are 50/50 right now. >> what happened in crimea was so swift there wasn't really even time to think about it. >> he has put it it behind us. starting with the president of the united states, put crimea in the rear view mirror. >> receive is it, we pit you down in the 77% who think that putin is not afraid of obama? >> yes. i'm in that group. >> i don't see him hugging the president of ukraine. >> that would be a hug a lot of people would not be in favor of in addition to the other anti-hug sent hements. that's it for the panel. plenty of chatter whether former secretary of state hillary clinton is trying to distance herself from the
3:56 pm
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hometown hillary little rock arkansas. for obama we have let's just say hawaii. next category is hillary used to be secretary of state. obama used to be happy. and finally, we have personal motto, hillary's is 2016 can't get here fast enough. obama's is ditto. >> what do you think, guys? that's it for "special report." i'm shannon bream. good night from washington. "on the record" is up next. but "special report" online
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where they there may or may not be a group hug starts in just seconds. check it out. log on. we would love to hear from you. ♪ ♪ ask >> this is a fox news alert. a senior white house official confirming president obama is considering sending ground troops to iraq. deputy national security advisor ben rhodes saying president obama could decide in just days whether to send in ground troops to rescue thousands of religious refugees who are trapped on a mountaintop. and fox news also confirming a team of american special ops landing on mount and spending 24 hours there to assess the best way to evacuated refugees. landed in mount sinjar iraq time. greg with the very latest. greg? >> greta, yeah, a lot of action in this part of the wo


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